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Municipality: Campi Bisenzio
Street: Cimabue n. 13-(North Florence)
Only appointment
Includes shower before and after
Is the first time? You do not need to experience past with tantrism.

What Is Tantra Massage?

Exploring Sexual Energy

The new Tantra massage was designed to reverse this negative process. Its unique techniques used to powerfully open the body, releasing tension, old traumas and emotions stored that otherwise prevent us from living life fully and sex. During this massage we work with the sexual energy to teach you to your body. You can explore different energies and receive many practical tools to practice with or without a partner to bring your sex life to a higher level.

Being able to let the flow of energy from the genitals to the spine is essential if you want to experience complete body orgasm.

What does Tantra need?
For those who suffer from premature ejaculation, for those under stress, increases self-esteem, increases sexual energy, improves couple's life, etc. It is really enjoyable and relaxing!Your body is a pleasure zone, and is full of pleasure receptors. So during your tantric session, you then experience from another space inside of you. As the pleasure of your own body and your own intimacy, is inside of you.
It is necessary to book?
The study is simple and sanitized. Shower before and after, shampoo, soap natural and soft towels

Is it possible to ejaculate? Yes, if the stimulus is strong and you have no experience, you can ejaculate without any taboos.
Notice:The message will be practiced in full nudity, practitioner and receiver
For reasons of hygiene and health, are not available to practice Tantra massage ritual with people suffering from infectious diseases or skin also not contagious (acne, psoriasis, rashes, open wounds, dark spots on the skin, fungus etc), because it provides a prolonged physical contact.

Included Tantra massage:

1-Orgasmic touch Method:(remains well-fed sexual for many days)

2-Arkrit Method-Premature ejaculation:
The lack of pleasure and unsatisfactory orgasm, are some of the consequences of not exploring sex energy properly. Recommended for disfunction: Premature Ejaculation

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Is it possible to ejaculate?
Yes! If the customer has the strong incentive he is free to decide to ejaculate or not, without any taboos. But do not confuse with prostitution services!

Warning! I can not access my studio if it is not interested in massage, who enters pay!
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Pics Goddess Hanashyan
Respectful, sunny, nice and professional. I've been working with tantrism for 15 years
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My job is to channel man's chakras and not to offer sex!