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OOOPSSS! Address published by Google Maps historic center Florence(Via Ricasoli 17) is not valid.

The new address is this:

Municipality: Campi Bisenzio
Street: Cimabue n. 13-(North Florence
Ritual Tantra Massage
You do not need experience, I will be your guide
All services are included before and after shower, fruit's, cool drinks...

The study opens at 9am and closes at 09pm.
The studios is also open on Sundays. Air-conditioned environment
Only Appointment!!



€ 100,00
30 minutes

€ 150,00
60 minutes

€ 180,00 90 minutes

Taxi from Florence center to Campi Bisenzio North Florence: 35 minutes

Bus: 30 minutes cost 1,20 cents
If you want to save money, take bus!
Cost: 1,20 cents

No credit card! No sex!
No couples! No 2 men's

Ooops! I am a professional, respectful and super gentle. But I do not like dirty, rude and overbearing people.
The study is simple and sanitized. Shower before and after, shampoo, soap natural and soft towels

Notice:The message will be practiced in full nudity, practitioner and receiver

In Tantra, desires, emotions and passions play a potentially creative role and are considered the means that, through sensoriality, leads to the Self, the most authentic and free part of us: for this reason it is called "the way of pleasure" . It is a way that is opposed to hedonistic research, generalized materialism, romantic supernaturalism and religious fundamentalism, as it unifies sensoriality and conscience, sensuality and spirituality in a subtle and profound approach.

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