Photo Gallery-Demonstrations Tantra
Nudity is essential because:
... when you drop the veils which cover the body, also fall the veils that hide the Soul

No prostitution services

I receive only by appointment, 2 hours notice!!

My studio is dedicated to just one single. I do not accept two friends together!

dimostrazione Tantra
dimostrazione tantra
dimostrazione Tantra
Pics my Tantra Room-The study is only practice tantra and super sanitized. Shower available before and after the massage
My Tantra Room
Mix Pics Goddess Hanashyan
Goddess Hanshyan
Kahshan pics
Images of my professional studio to practice tantra massage. Simple and super sanitized!
They not like people suspicious, fear, etc .. If you are looking an escort my services are not addate.
I get dressed simply in a white tunic, during the massage I also will be for leakage.
No makeup, no high heels! I am an elegant lady, respectful and very simple